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Mexico is a very mountaineous country. Up to 5636 meters (18491 feet) altitude, there are plenty of wonderful landscapes to discover. This website is dedicated to mountain photography. Most of the pictures are taken on the trails or on the summits of mountains close to Monterrey or Saltillo (Nuevo Leon and Coahuila states). The galleries are organized by mountain range: las Mitras, la Silla, Fraile, Chipinque, la Estanzuela and more....
The first section in the gallery is a compilation of panoramic pictures. Next follows some black and white. You will also find some animals I've met on the trails or sometimes in the streets.

I hope you will enjoy discovering a not very well known side of this beautiful country.

What's New:
2011-04-07   Some views of Dent de Crolles taken in France in Chartreuse.
2011-03-31   Some views of Arsine glacier taken in France in Oisans (6 views).
2010-10-10   Some views taken outside and inside Devil's Throat Estanzuela (5 views), Panoramics (3 views) , Black and White (1 view).
2010-04-06   2 pictures of Monterrey at night from cerro de las Mitras.
2010-03-30   3 views taken from Escaleras mine at cerro de las Mitras. Black and White section was also updated.
2010-03-17   Six views taken from Lobos peak. Cerro de las Mitras.
2010-03-07   Twelve views taken on the 'Recorido Everest' trail. Cerro de Fraile.
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