Why this site ?
I practice mountain hiking since more than 20 years. I live in Monterrey, Mexico since 2008. This city, also called 'La Ciudad de las Montaņas', is surrounded by lots of mountain ranges, very appealing to me.

When I started climbing Mexican mountains, my first approach was to find information and pictures on the internet but, I've quickly seen that few information exists. I have climbed my first peaks at Cerro de la Silla and next, I really started the adventure at Cerro de las Mitras. If you have walk here, maybe, you will cross people who are passionated by mountains (maybe me??).

To my mind, there are too few information and picture of Mexico mountains. It's really worth the case to discover these places. My objective is not to provide information on trails but just to give you a look from theses mountains and try to share my feelings when I'm on the 'Cumbre', summit of these moutains.... If you want to go there after seeing these pictures, I will be happy.

If you requires trail information, how to reach these places, please go to my links page. You can also contact me.

Want a picture ?
If you want a picture, please contact me. Almost all panoramics can be printed in very large format.

I've started taking mountain photography in France about 6 years ago with a film camera reflex Canon EOS30. Now I use a digital camera, Pentax Optio A30, which have the main advantages to be compact with manual features.

Panoramics on this page is the combinaison (stitching) of 2 to 15 images, sometimes more than 100 megapixels.

I am French but Mexico has crossed my path in 1999 when I met my wife. I have a 4 years old daughter, starting to explore with us this wonderful nature.